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Know the laws. Before you start building, make sure all of your components are California legal.


Why Build an AR 15?

So you want to build an AR 15 rifle? The AR 15 rifle is an exceptional rifle for close to medium range tactical combat and serves as an excellent platform for long range target shooting. However, a quality AR 15 can be expensive and many people choose to build their own rifles in an attempt to avoid paying the premium prices often associated with custom AR 15s.

One of the major advantages of the AR 15 platform is its modular design and readily available parts. The amount of custom parts available on the internet is truly astonishing. These products range from high powered optics to tactical grips and vary tremendously in both quality and price. When buying any part for your rifle it’s imperative that you always purchase quality parts from a reputable dealer. Cheap parts will not only perform poorly, but they may actually damage your rifle.

Recommend Tools
While you don’t need to be a certified gunsmith to build an AR 15, it does take some fundamental AR 15 knowledge, some basic household tools and a few specialized AR 15 tools. The specialized tools you will need are a barrel wrench and barrel action block. However, if you plan on building an AR 15 with a free float tube, you will want to get an AR 15 free float tube wrench instead of a regular barrel nut wrench. You can also get an AR 15 multi Tool that includes both wrenches. These specialized tools are relatively inexpensive and can be picked up from our store’s AR 15 tools page. Besides the specialized AR 15 tools, we also recommend the following basic tools when building an AR 15:

  • A pair of needle nose pliers
  • A hammer or mallet
  • A X-ACTO knife or a sharp cutting utensil
  • A flat head screwdriver
  • A roll pin punch set

Additionally, we recommend picking up an AR 15/M 16 Armorers manual as well. While you certainly do not need an Armorers manual to build an AR 15, we highly recommend it as it will help guide you through the assembly process. In general, you can most likely get by with less, but the tools listed above will make your AR 15 build a lot easier.


This AR-15 Bullet Button ® can be used on all AR-15 type rifles and AR-10 rifles using a stock AR-15 button. A bullet tip can be used as the tool. It is made of billet aluminum and anodized.Installation Instructions



During the 1950s, the United States military was looking to update their combat weapons and this lead to the birth of the AR15 rifle. The AR15 rifle, or Armalite model 15, was created by Eugene Stoner. He, along with a team of engineers, designed the AR15 specifically for the United States military. The United States military needed to replace the M-14, which used a 308 Winchester cartridge, and started their search with the AR10 and AR15 rifles.

While working for Armalite Arms, a division of the Fairchild Aircraft & Engine Corporation, Eugene Stoner developed several new rifles that utilized a non traditional material makeup. Using aluminum alloys and plastics to develop the lighter 5.56 mm version of the AR-10, this cut down on weight, as well as heat of the weapons system.

Originally the AR15 was built around the .222 Remington cartridge. The rifle went through changes per the request of the United States Army and Stoner re-chambered it in the .223 Remington cartridge. This is equivalent to a 5.56 NATO round that propels a 55-grain bullet at roughly 3000 ft per second, causing the projectile to tumble inside a target. Since the Hague Convention ruled hollow point ammunition to be against the rules of engagement, this projectile can cause the same amount of damage while complying with the rules of acceptable military ammunitions.

After various attempts to market the Armalite AR10 and AR15 rifles failed, Fairchild decided to dissolve ties to Armalite. This led to selling the rights of both rifles to Colt Arms. Colt successfully marketed these designs to the United States military under the military designation M16. The United States relied on the AR15 in the Vietnam conflict and other military procedures.

Currently, the AR15 has become one the most highly revered battle rifles of the modern era. It has since earned a reputation for being lightweight, reliable and highly accurate. Over the last few decades the “M16″ has begun being phased out by the 14.5” M4 carbine. The United States Marine Corp uses a M16A4 20 variant in their operations and protocols as opposed to the Special Operations Command that now use the M4.

Now the AR15 rifle is a civilian “must have”, because of the reduced recoil and fast handling characteristics. There are several companies producing AR15 accessories, it is hard to imagine the world without this symbol of freedom. The AR15 design is also being rethought with a handful of companies now producing piston conversion kits, which have proven to severely reduce maintenance, and increase reliability. The AR-15 platform has been around for nearly a half century, and is sure to remain one of the most popular rifles for decades to come.